Potential Savings Expected To Be Over $11,000 On School Supply Purchases

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MOUNT CARROLL — The West Carroll School District plans to use a new buying coop, and heard a presentation concerning the change at their June 20 regular meeting.

Food Service Director Cindy Weems said the district’s agreement with the current coop would be terminated at the end June and would be joining the HPS Group Purchasing Organization. Rebates are available, at a rate of 1.25 percent off total purchases and are received throughout the year, while the USDA Commodity Program yields a .25 percent rebates on total purchases.

Membership dues for HPS are based on total purchases, approximately $1600. Potential savings for joining the new buying coop would be $11,449. Discounts on other school supplies, like athletic and office supplies are also available, Weems said.

The group has 3,600 members in 26 states; they are member-owned and have operated since 1949. Member purchases are $1 billion per year.

Weems said other districts that have used HPS include Winnebago, Oregon, Kankakee, Freeport and Durand, and all have indicated strong approval. She said the agreement would be renewable on an annual basis.

Superintendent Julie Katzenberger said she was impressed with the group’s price matching policy, wherein if any school in the coop finds a better price, “everybody benefits”.

Weems said the district will also gain a new food vendor. Gordon Food Service. She said this group has many more services for the district, including consistent drivers.

Teachers of the Year announced

West Carroll Primary School Principal Andrew Jordan reported that Tammy Hague was named that school’s Teacher of the Year. Jordan also said that the unofficial PARCC testing scores for the Primary School revealed more gains, which would put the school above the state average.

West Carroll Middle School Principal (and current District Superintendent) Julie Katzenberger said that Tracy Rene was selected as the Middle School Teacher of the Year.

High School Principal Jeff Utsinger said that Agriculture Instructor Don Mathey received the award for High School Teacher of the Year, as well as District Teacher of the Year. He added that the High School was fifth in state for Novice Parliamentary Procedure, Olivia Charles received Third Place in State for Secretary, and Lincoln Getz received Third Place in State for Chairman.

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Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

He also noted that the PSAT scores for the freshman class were above state average for only the second time since 2010.

The board also approved:

– a lease with Head Start for an office and classroom at the Primary School for one year, mirroring the previous year’s contract. The classroom rental fee is $8,000 and the custodian fee is $1,500.

– bus garage leases, for three sites, with Messrs. Ritchie, Lego, and Holm.

– going out for fuel bids for 2018-2019. West Carroll owns the fuel tanks in Thomson and Mt. Carroll; for the snow removal including the West Carroll Middle School and the district office, which are plowed by district maintenance.

– a prevailing wage resolution.

– appointed Katzenberger to review, accept and sign off on the district financial statements in preparation for the district audit.

– transferring the debt service interest to the Education Fund, as well as approving GASB 54, an end of the year audit resolution.

– changed the regular meeting dates for the coming year to the third Monday of each month except for Tuesday, Jan. 22 and Tuesday, Feb. 19.

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