Savanna — Two Savanna businesses were approved for redevelopment agreements with the city of Savanna, enabling them to receive partial TIF district funding for their renovation and renewal projects, thanks to action at the November 28th, 2018 regular Savanna city council meeting.

BV Prowant, LLC, who owns the property at 44 Main Street (former KFC/Taco Bell location) will receive $5,300 per year over the next ten years, for a total of $53,000, toward renovations of that property.  The company plans to open a coffee/Wi-Fi/video gaming lounge and drive through liquor store, and the renovation project is expected to finish in July of 2019.  The first scheduled payout is projected to be in December of 2019.

William Parks, owner of Keyhole Ink Studios, at 519 Main Street, will receive annual payments of $1,996.00 over three years, for a total of $5,987.00 to renovate that property.  This project is complete, with first payout in December of this year.

The council also approved an ordinance which amended the annual budget ordinance for 2018-2019, to correct a mathematical error, waiving the second reading.

The council approved the annual tax levy, for a total amount of $791,593.00, on its first reading.

Approved paying J.C. Carey $6,000.00 for fair market value of property, $21,000.00 for damage to the remainder of the said property, and $3,000.00 for temporary construction easement at that site, for a total of $30,000.00, in relation to the city’s property acquisition for the Wacker Road project.

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Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

Unsafe Speeds?

Alderman Roger Husband said he’d heard a complaint about Savanna police officers using high, unsafe speeds while responding to calls, and Alderman Chris James affirmed he’d witnessed one of these incidents first hand.  Husband asked Police Chief Kevin Dimmick about limits for speeding during chases, and Dimmick said there are no specific limits but that officers are to use due safety when performing chases.  He also said there is currently no way to ascertain how fast the officers were going at any particular time.

“The safety thing…is getting pushed,” James said.  “I just think some of these out of town calls are getting out of hand…we totaled a vehicle going to an out of town call.  I understand they need help, I get it, but the county can hire new officers too.”

Dimmick added that he would speak with his officers are this issue.

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