Mount Carroll, Illinois – Carroll County Courthouse

Today at 1:15 p.m., a status hearing was held for Darrel J. Sweeney, who was arrested on September 14, 2018 for Two counts of DUI, one count of Aggravated DUI Resulting in a Death, which is a Class 2 Felony, and Illegal Backing. Sweeney was arrested after the car he was driving ran over a Chadwick woman, Judy Kness. Kness had attended a dinner with friends, at Manny’s, and was leaving the restaurant when she was struck by Sweeney’s vehicle, backing out of a parking space at Manny’s, on Adams Street in Savanna.

Sweeney has hired lawyer Joseph E. Nack, of Galena, Illinois, and the Law Offices of Nack, Richardson & Nack, P.C.

Today’s court date was just a status hearing, which is a hearing to determine the status, or progress and direction, of a case.

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Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

Because Aggravated DUI Resulting in a Death is a Felony, the court has set a date for a preliminary hearing on that charge, on October 12, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. At this hearing, Carroll County’s State’s Attorney, Scott Brinkmeier, must prove to the court that there is sufficient evidence to believe that the defendant has actually committed the crime he’s being charged with. After that, the court may very well hold a status conference to continue to decide the progress and direction of the case. An arraignment hearing will follow this, and it is the hearing at which the defendant is formally charged with the crime and he will then enter a plea. The court usually holds a pre-trial hearing to organize issues before trial, and this also may well be the case with this trial.

RiverReader will continue to update the public on the status of this trial, as it unfolds.

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