New Marketing Consultant, Brienna Junk, Will Promote Its Assets, Ready for Action


SAVANNA — Look for Savanna’s assets to get a strong push in the coming weeks and months, thanks to the city’s hiring of a new Hotel/Motel Marketing Consultant, Brienna Junk.

Junk, whose hiring was approved at the Savanna City Council’s Feb. 13 regular meeting, grew up in Bellevue, Iowa, and went to school at FIDM in Los Angeles, where she obtained a degree in marketing and visual communication. Later, she attended Iowa State University to broaden her design studies. She also currently works for McGrath Dubuque Harley-Davidson as their marketing and events coordinator.

“I admire our Mayor, Chris Lain, and the positive changes he is making within the community,” said Junk. “Savanna is full of opportunity for growth and there is so much optimism and excitement within the community right now to provoke that change.”

Her job will be an involved one, focusing on several levels of marketing.

“I will be leading the way to expanding and growing tourism within the community. I will be creating an ad plan, rebranding, and creating content through videography and effective marketing. In addition, I will be setting up and tracking analytics, so we can measure progress and learn more about our audience and various ways to reach new people, “Junk said.

The position was approved for a maximum of 15 hours per week, up from 15 hours per month, at a rate of $25/hour.

During discussion of her approval at the Feb. 13 council meeting, Hotel/Motel Committee member Sarah Purdom said, “We really feel like this person is going to be in charge of rebranding our city and doing a lot of marketing updates to the website; she’ll have a lot of responsibility . . . we want to be able to give her enough time to get the ball rolling and get moving in the right direction.”

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Mayor Lain explained that Junk will not always work 15 hours per week.

“That is a maximum amount allowed without going back to the council. When this position starts, she’s going to be tasked with completely redoing our social media. In the next upcoming budget, we decided we’re going to put in for a redesign of our website through Hotel/Motel dollars and she will be in charge of planning that.

“So there will be a lot more on the front half than there probably will be on the back. But if we take this as seriously as we’ve talked about it, she’s going to need more than two and a half hours per week to get us going,” said Lain.

“The whole point of the Hotel/Motel Committee is to get people to come for overnight stays, and we can’t get people here if they don’t know about us,” Purdom said. “And I’m pretty excited about this woman coming in; she’s the real deal. She’s going to get our name out there.”

Featured photo courtesy of Brienna Junk

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