The 20th Anniversary Canadian Pacific Holiday Train chugged through Carroll County last Sunday afternoon, and it made a stop in Savanna. Over 120 people showed up to enjoy the show, which was put on by Canada’s Willy Porter and The Trews, sponsored by Canadian Pacific. While the train was stopped in Savanna, Andy Cummings, Canadian Pacific Railway spokesman, announced that the rail company would be donating $5,500 to the Savanna Food Pantry. Cummings also stated that, since 1999, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train has raised $14.5 million and received 4.3 million pounds of food, all for Food Banks across North America.

Nova Scotians Willy Porter & The Trews sing “Hey, Santa!” to a crowd of 120+ Carroll County folks. (RiverReader photo/Robert Hanviriyapunt)

On Monday, December 3, RiverReader followed up with the manager of the Savanna Food Pantry, Sandy Shaw, to ask how the food drive went.

Shaw told RiverReader that this year was one of the best charity/food drives they’ve ever had. The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train donation would take care of a couple of years’ worth of bills and supplies. Donations from the people who attended the Holiday Train performance came to nearly $300, and attendees donated 2 full car loads of food items for the Food Pantry. Shaw remarked that, “I don’t have a real count on pounds, but it was a lot!”.

According to its Facebook Page, The Savanna Food Pantry has also received $1200 for its meat fund from a local Church of God, which took up a collection at Thanksgiving.

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Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

The Savanna Food Pantry is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon.

The Table is a free/donation-only kitchen near the Food Pantry. The Table serves lunch everyday, to anyone who wishes to eat there, and provides a means of socializing and a reason to get out of the house for many of the folks who eat there. The Table is run by the Savanna Food Pantry.

The Savanna Food Pantry is located at:

926 Viaduct Rd.
Savanna, IL 61074
(815) 273-4332
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