MOUNT CARROLL — At its Feb. 19 meeting, the Carroll County Kids 4-H Club of Mount Carroll, members learned the rules of parliamentary procedure in order to more properly run their meetings.

Held at the Mount Carroll United Methodist Church, hosts were Olivia Charles, Lakin Getz, Riley Getz, and Emily Suiter.

“Every member of the club either made up their own motion or seconded a motion, so they all had a fun time being able to come up with their own motions, and standing up in front of the club to present their motions or second,” said Host Riley Getz. “It was a very beneficial meeting, as now all of the members should better understand the rules of parliamentary procedure, and not only the same kids should always be making motions.”

During the rest of the meeting, the club discussed which members were going to the food demonstration/public presentation contest on March 11.

Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.
Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

“We also talked about the livestock and dairy judging contests, and the members who had gone to the contest before stood up and explained to the other members what goes on at the contest,” said Suiter. “The club talked about who is bringing what to our club fundraiser, which will be the Forestry Banquet on April 4.”

The next meeting will be Sunday, March 19, and will be hosted by the Wynia family, who will make a presentation about their rabbits.

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