An Ounce of Prevention . . .

I am forced by repetition to correct and comment on the photo op Congresswoman Cheri Bustos keeps driving home with her opioids treatment initiatives. As usual, Cheri skims the surface just long enough to grab a headline devoid of depth or insight — just enough to gloss over the problem while creating the illusion she is doing something about a problem, which continues to blaze away.

A five-minute conversation with any Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG) agent will tell you that the problem is not just opioids/heroin, but crystal meth, fentanyl and marijuana. I have traveled the 6,933 square miles of the 17th District and spoken with rural law enforcement officials, and what they tell me is that meth is a much larger problem for them than opioids, and further, the problem of hazardous waste meth labs has virtually disappeared.

This is because all these drugs, save heroin, are coming directly from Mexico by highly organized criminal terrorist organizations operating from just across our border, at least according to the MEG agents I’ve spoken with.

Further, opioid/heroin/fentanyl vs. meth abuse are very different in their impact and treatment. Opioid users are generally passive, watch TV, sleep and steal from friends and family. Meth addicts, on the other hand, will remain awake for 60 hours or more and are continually preoccupied with sexual perversion and violent crime to pay for their next fix.

What is apparent from Cheri’s “non-partisan” efforts to make people think she is doing something to address the problem, is that 1) she fails to comprehend the scope of the drug problem, and 2) she avoids the most efficient treatment, which is a prevention program, against which she is the biggest partisan opponent in Congress.

Taking a closer look, Congresswoman Bustos, as DNCC Chair of Policy and Communication, has been the chief partisan leader in the House fighting against building a Border Wall and immigration reform allowing terrorist gangs like MS-13 and their killing drugs to continue to flow into America, all the while holding DACA hostage from reform and then blaming the president and the Republican party for these failures.

Drug treatment? I’m all for it, but an ounce of prevention is worth any pound of cure and we’re not getting that; no, we’re just getting the same old political games of smoke, mirrors and the illusions of promise and progress that never arrive.

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Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

Like most citizens of the 17th Congressional District, I have had it up to here with this sort of “politicking,” and that’s why I’m in this race, just a common guy looking for a common vote.


Bill Fawell

Republican Candidate

Illinois 17th Congressional District

Bill Fawell is a Republican nominee in the 17th Congressional District of Illinois that covers 6,933 square miles running from Rockford and the Wisconsin state line, down to Peoria, then west to the Mississippi River. Contact him at or 815-353-9888, or visit his web site at for more information.
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