Volunteer Effort Funded by Local Grants and Donations

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LANARK — On July 28, nearly 30 people representing various groups in the Lanark community, showed up for a re-roof and gutter project, led by the Eastland Council of Churches’ Home Improvement Task Force.

In two to three hours, the tear-off was complete. The replacement was nearly finished by the end of the day.

Lanark reroof project volunteers“This is one of many projects completed in our area. Even pastors show up,” said the Rev. Claire Lathrop, pastor of the Lanark First Brethren Church. “The older ones, like me for example, show up late, stay off the roof, and leave after lunch. The younger ones, Pastor Jarrod Severing, for instance, of the Lanark United Methodist Church, show up on time, remove roofing, and stay until it’s finished.”

The re-roof projects are led by a licensed contractor. The volunteers, including a healthy number of youth, help reduce costs.

Penny Lauritzen, through the Eastland Council of Churches, organized the HIT Force in the fall of 2014 to tackle some assistance projects in Lanark and Shannon.

Projects are funded by grants and donations, with volunteers doing the actual work. Most of the projects have been in Lanark, but work can be done anywhere in Carroll County. One project was in Savanna—the Carroll County Help Center’s Thrift Shop in Savanna was cleaned and painted. The shop sells used clothing and household items and uses those resources to serve Carroll County residents with emergency needs.

Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.
Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

reroofing volunteers in LanarkPastor Claire expressed the many thoughts of admiration and gratitude that are extended to the homeowners for allowing the opportunities for the community to get together with projects like this.

“Without your ministry of sharing these projects and opening your homes, these moments could not take place.”

Financial donations for the Lanark Home Improvement Task Force can be mailed or dropped off at Exchange State Bank, 126 N. Broad St., by asking for the Home Improvement Task Force fund. Deb Noordhoff is the contact person at the bank.

Donations also can be made by calling Penny Lauritzen at 815-535-4141, or Cathy Hart at 815-275-5358. Potential volunteers can call either organizer to sign up. Those in need of projects can call Lauritzen to make a request for assistance.

(photos submitted by Pastor Claire Lathrop)

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