Anyone With Information is Urged to Contact Lanark Police


LANARK — An incident in downtown Lanark over the weekend has prompted several comments from Lanark residents, some non-printable.

Sometime Saturday night, the perpetrator marred the south brick wall of the J.T. Valentine Building with spray-painted graffiti. The building, next door to Lanark Food Center, is being restored by the Lanark Cornerstone Project, and the facade just got a new paint job.

Lanark Police Chief Matt Magill said there was no name written, and that possibly the person got scared off.

“We’ll talk to a few people that generally have their ears to the ground on the streets,” Magill said.

“Typically, somebody will talk about it, and it will get back to us. Right now, there is little to nothing to go by. I have already spoken with someone this morning. It will take a little time for the feedback to happen, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.”

Magill said the action does constitute a criminal damage to property offense that could be reduced to malicious mischief.

“The Cornerstone Group will have to invest money to correct the damage. If it was done by a juvenile, no one will know who it was, since it would be a protected proceeding. Restitution would be made anonymously to Cornerstone.”

“Obviously, we don’t like to see it, one of the things I don’t miss about Chicago – along with traffic,” said Lanark Mayor Ken Viglietta, “a 60-year survivor of the Windy City” who transplanted to Lanark with his wife, Ann, in 2008. “Guess I wonder who they miss?”

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There is speculation that the incident may be connected to someone’s death.

“Evidently there was similar graffiti found this morning in the high school parking lot,” said Sheila Wyeth of the Cornerstone Project.

The graffiti was spray painted on the parking lot near the west entrance of School Drive, and said “I miss baby 7/1/2017” under a heart.

“Whomever it may be, it is interesting, but the first thing I thought when I saw the graffiti was that those words and the heart symbol drawn were probably something a woman would do rather than a man,” said Betsy Shaulis, a Cornerstone Project member. “Just my thoughts on the matter. Most men don’t ordinarily draw hearts.”

The public comments on the destructive graffiti have not been kind.

“Catch them and make them clean it up and give them something to do . . . community service and a hefty fine” was one suggestion posted on Facebook.

“Put up a reward. Someone needs to learn a few lessons. 1st. Respect. 2nd. What it’s like to work. Cleaning that off with a toothbrush should be a good start,” said another.

If anyone has any information about the crime, contact the Lanark Police Department non-emergency number at 815-493-6931, or to remain anonymous, call Carroll County Crime Stoppers at 815-244-STOP (7867).

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