The Republican Challenger says if you want to share the ‘Wisdom of the Heartland,’ decentralize the federal government staff report

GALENA — Bill Fawell, Republican nominee for Congress in the 17th Congressional district, replied to Congressperson Cheri Bustos, D-East Moline, as she contradicted her “Heartland Manifesto” to a DNC Elitist, regarding the resignation of Republican Mark Kleine from this congressional race.

Bustos recently came out with a Heartland Manifesto against the Elite of the Eastern Dark, as reported by Politico, Fawell said, “but it didn’t last long, re-joining those very Elites with her hypocritical response to Mark Kleine’s exit from the 17th Congressional race, when she said ‘it changes nothing.’

“Obviously, ‘Nothing Has Changed’ with Cheri; and it is clear by both her word and vote the geographic reach of the Elitist from the Eastern Dark once again reaches the Mississippi, leaving the fury of her ‘Heartland Manifesto’ ringing with nothing but hypocrisy. It changes nothing?”

Fawell said Kleine’s resignation on Jan. 16 was based entirely upon the “corruption and money contaminating our candidates and elections.  It’s the same corruption and money that buys our laws, runs deficits and believes in endless war. Our government is bankrupt, yet “it changes nothing?

“If this is the wisdom of her Heartland Manifesto, Cheri is against our Heartland,” Fawell said. “And why not? Her voting record says she doesn’t believe in our Heartland.”

Fawell said Bustos recently voted to extend Section 702 of the FISA Act, “continuing the abusive surveillance of every American upon a Biblical scale.”

He said her vote against the REINS Act also proves his point.

“The REINS Act is legislation designed to give the powers to make laws back to Congress and away from the faceless federal agencies where 90 percent of our laws are sold.”

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Fawell said if you want to share the “Wisdom of the Heartland,” decentralize the government.

“Push power back to the people and return freedom to the individual so they can start a business, create jobs raising wealth and revenues, while reducing the pressures on government programs.

“Push the public agencies back to the states. Why not? All 50 states have mirror agencies. Are 50 agencies more responsible, more efficient, more inventive than a single omnipotent agency 1,000 miles away? It may just as well be 10,000 miles. Then push the private and independent federal agencies back toward the Congress.

“Ask yourself why 5 lobbyists at the FCC can determine the fate of our internet, while 535 members of Congress are helpless to act. Now multiply this by the thousands.

“Now you know what is killing America.”

With Kleine’s withdrawal from the primary, Galena resident and real estate broker Bill Fawell remains the only Republican challenger to incumbent Bustos.

Bill Fawell is a Republican nominee in the 17th Congressional District of Illinois that covers 6,933 square miles running from Rockford and the Wisconsin state line, down to Peoria, then west to the Mississippi River. Contact him at or 815-353-9888, or visit his web site at for more information.

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