Eastland PTO Holds Color Run Fundraiser, Awards Scholarship to Adriana Hensgen
(Arial photograph, above, by Justin Joens)

Last weekend, the Eastland PTO held its first “Color Run,” and RiverReader caught up with Stephanie Higley, to ask her some questions about what the Color Run is all about, and what the Eastland PTO is doing to help improve the lives of students, teachers and parents, within the Eastland school district.

Maddox Misiewicz, an Eastland second grader in Mr. Carl Erbsen’s class, gets sprayed with some color, at the Eastland PTO Color Run. (Photo by Cassie Mlakar)

Stephanie commented that, “This was our first Color Run. Because it was our first we decided not to rely on it as a fundraiser, but to make sure that we cover our costs. The purpose [of the run] was primarily to give our families, communities and the public a fun, family-friendly event to be a part of; a way of giving back. [After] the success we had with this one, we would like to consider doing it again. Maybe even make it an annual event. That will be something we discuss at our upcoming meeting.”

The PTO group used a company called “My School Color Run,” which is an organization dedicated to assisting various groups with fundraising efforts, including offering online registration for events, and aiding with planning and organizing. My School Color Run provides supplies, including supplies for the run itself, as well as a kit for each participant. Each participant kit included a My School Color Run t-shirt, Vytek race bib, and an individual color packet.

One of the people who helped organize the run was Tonya Joens, who, according to Ms. Higley, “took charge of the event, wholeheartedly,”. Amy Steindinger and Mrs. Mahoney, principal of Eastland Elementary School, helped as well, having some knowledge of 5K runs. Stephanie commented that, “It truly was a huge group effort,”.

Caylie Schubert, an Eastland student in Ms. Pierce’s 5th grade class. (Photo by Cassie Mlakar)

Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.
Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

Stephanie mentioned that the event had the potential of being huge, and that the overall group and team effort made it a tremendous success. Various sponsors and donations were obtained from the Lanark and Shannon communities, as well, with 100% of the profits going to the Eastland PTO.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and the Eastland PTO is recognizing all the teachers and staff for their amazing dedication and hard work for all Eastland students.

The Eastland PTO has been around for 22 years, and for most of those years, has given scholarships to Eastland students. This year, Adrianna Hensgen, an Eastland student residing in Shannon, Illinois, has been awarded a $1000 scholarship from the Eastland PTO. The essays are submitted anonymously to a panel of judges, and only one PTO member knows who the authors are. The essays are then judged by the panel. Each year, the PTO gives out a scholarship, or multiple scholarships of varying amounts, depending on the funds that are available. 

Awards Night at Eastland was held on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

Thanks to Justin Joens and Cassie Mlakar for the great photos!

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