by Lynn Kocal

“The only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts—that is where the battle should be fought.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

At the core of the word “ignorance” is the word “ignore.”  We at RiverReader don’t like to publish negative news, but we also know that if we can’t look at what’s not right in our corner of the world, it isn’t going to change.  It’s called “coming clean.” Only when we focus on what we don’t want can we replace it with what we do want.  God can’t help us with problems that we ignore because they aren’t in His realm if they aren’t in ours.

Yes, there have been many miracles in my life when I know God protected me without a thought from me, but think there were other factors at play in those times, like maybe it wasn’t my time or part of my path in this life.

What I’m referring to is what we collectively bring to the world through denial.

Coming clean is a phrase I’ve heard often from Catherine Austin Fitts of  It means coming clean in our own hearts, minds, intentions and actions.  Catherine speaks about financial well-being and iterates time and again that if you are supporting entities that harm, you are perpetuating the problem.

For example, if you buy stock from companies or buy their products or shop at businesses that drain the local economy, harm your environment or health; even when you don’t agree with their tactics, you are strengthening their power over you.

Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.
Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

Our founding fathers saw a problem, and chose to change things for the better.  They didn’t have TV or smartphones to distract them or discourage them from looking at reality.  Today, there’s a balm called entertainment that disconnects people from what is really happening – like a drug, and we fail to act in our own best interests from our own critical thought coming from within our own hearts and minds.  We walk out of our own picture and into someone else’s picture that was made for their benefit and not for our own.

There are two gentle souls, Pastor Floyd West and wife Diana who saw a problem with police being disparaged and chose to do something about it.  Today, they buy gift certificates and give them to officers to let them know how appreciated their service is to us and have a ministry dedicated to acknowledging their service.  Our first responders have jobs many of us wouldn’t do, but these ordinary people use their extraordinary courage to protect and serve us all.

RiverReader likes best to report good news about good people doing great things and there are more stories than we can cover because most of the people in our area are doing great things, often to help others.

I want to leave this commentary with this from Catherine Fitts: “If we can’t face it, God can’t fix it.”

We at RiverReader have resolved to face and reveal whatever it is that is negative so you, our reader, can choose what is in your best interest, take positive action, and make the world a better place for us all.  We know that we have a bright and beautiful future and the ability to leave the world a better place for our children if we bring our good intentions along when facing our problems.

For more of what Catherine Austin Fitts writes on “Coming Clean,” go here:

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