Listening to laughter and pitter-patter running down the hall, a delightful announcement is made, “Christmas Is Here!” Looking outside the picture window, the hoped for, fresh white glistening snow blankets the ground.

The fresh aroma of gourmet coffee and hot apple cider fills the room. With eyes all aglow, the tiny tots ask, “Mom and Dad, can we please open presents?” Everyone gathers around the Christmas tree, Mom’s and Dad’s hearts warmed by the delighted. The presents are passed out and off go the bows and wrapping paper. Thankfulness sweeps the room, and everyone is pleased with their gifts.

After indulging in a delicious feast, everyone finds a comfy spot and gathers around the television to watch the classics, such as A Christmas Story. The famous line, “Ralphie, you’ll shoot your eye out kid!” has them laughing, in tears. As we sympathize with Ralphie wearing his pink bunny pajamas, we think, “It gets me every time!”

For many Americans, this is how we celebrate Christmas Day. In our fast-paced world, which only seems to get more hectic and challenging, let us take time to appreciate the little things in life. It may be the sun shining upon our faces or the intense sound of the wind and rain. Time goes so fast that sometimes we may get too busy to really appreciate the beauty of the four seasons: the smell of fresh spring flowers, the perfect summer day to take a dip in the pool, the changing of the crisp fall leaves, or the brisk cold air that reminds us that Christmas is just around the corner. These little things mean so much to the human life – they are priceless.

Family matters the most. Let us cherish the loved ones we share our lives with, those we shouldn’t take for granted. Most of us have experienced the painful loss of a loved one. Let us find comfort in one another as we reflect on memories and treasure the time we had with them. Celebrate their lives by doing something they enjoyed. You may want to reconnect with an old friend you have been meaning to get in touch with. Or go out on a date that could turn into an amazing relationship. It is such a breath-taking moment to admire an elderly couple holding hands walking around the park. These precious moments tend to touch everyone’s heart. You never know what a person may be going through. Reach out to a friend by picking up the phone the old-fashioned way. “It’s good to hear your voice,” we all exclaim!

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Thank you for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring you the news.

As we ring in the New Year, let us take time to reflect, with our loved ones, on the milestones that transpired this year: anniversary, birthday, or promotion. In 2019, many of us will continue with our current goals, launch new ideas, and work whole-heartedly to achieve them. On the way to greatness, always remember to take time to appreciate the little things.

May your heart’s desires be fulfilled and may your new endeavors be prosperous!

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Happy Holidays!

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