You have likely have met us at one time or another. Combined, we have well over 100 years of experience in publishing, graphic arts, design, and software development.

Our aim is to engage our communities with timely and relevant information, from reader-submitted information, to news, advertising, church and community information.  We intend to be the comprehensive portal in Northwest Illinois, one community at a time, and invite you to join us by entering our photo/video/music/essay contests, submitting entertainment and app reviews, and even sharing your favorite recipes. We look forward to  offering many ways for you to connect with your friends, neighbors and community.

The most important fact about us is that our number one priority is you and providing you exceptional service. We will do all we can to attend to your questions or issues as quickly as possible, and to be easy to contact.

Photo of Tom Kocal

Tom Kocal is RiverReader’s publisher & editor. He’s been in the publishing business for over 40 years. If you want to know about anything in the area, Tom is the one you want to speak with. After publishing the most read newspaper in Northwest Illinois for nearly 40 years, he took a few years off and is now back in the biz to serve the area with information that’s important to our readers.

Robert Hanviriapunt is a Senior Software Developer with nearly 40 years experience if you include when he first taught himself to code at age seven! He’s the go-to guy for fixing all things web and is a great technical leader to accomplish our mission. He does all the work behind the scenes to make the website work seemlessly for you. We are lucky to have him as a partner.

Photo of Sarah Hanviriyapunt

Sarah Hanviriyapunt comes to the RiverReader with many years of copy editing, graphic design and FDA compliance. Sarah has a green-belt in Six Sigma. She began rewriting articles in high school and is an impeccable writer and editor. We are pleased to partner with Sarah.

Photo of Lynn Kocal

After over 40 years of publishing a local newspaper in and around Carroll County, Lynn still likes to inform people.  She built and maintains the website, edits content, and manages the accounting.  She’s never looked back after moving to the area and loves Carroll County and its people.